RDF-TCM contains information about 848 different herbs, concerning their ingredients, putative effects and their association with genes for a specific disease.
The dataset is published as linked data using Pubby, a Linked Data Frontend for SPARQL endpoints. The dataset can be accessed using

  1. a plain old web browser
  2. Semantic Web browsers
  3. SPARQL clients.

1. HTML View

Example starting points:

2. SPARQL Endpoint

SPARQL clients can query the database at this SPARQL endpoint:

http://hcls.deri.org/sparql, with graph URI as http://hcls.deri.org/resource/graph/tcm

An alternative SPARQL endpoint is at:


3. See Also

RDFTCM on Google Code and the ontology.

4. Data License

The dataset is free for academic use and available under Creative Commons Attribution License. Please cite the original work published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine when re-using the data.

Current Status

Number of triples: 117,643
Number of genes: 945
Number of herbs: 848
Number of ingredients: 1064
Number of diseases: 553
Number of putative effects: 241
Number of RDF links to other Linked Data sources: 3,438

Links to: DBpedia, DailyMed, DrugBank,Diseasome, SIDER, and Entrez Gene.

Download dump: tar.gz